Ok, a little bit about us…

Ok, a little bit about us…

We are Kids Den, family run business started only this year, passionate about delivering top quality products and furnishings for kids’ bedrooms.

We are young parents ourselves who have experienced that raising kids is a time full of a wonderful moments yet extremely challenging at times.

Simply, the idea to run the company came up when our kids were relentless in visiting our bedroom during the night.

Despite having their own separate rooms and comfort of their own beds they still managed to end up taking away last few hours of our short sleeping hours.  Simply this couldn’t go on forever so we decided to renovate their bedrooms and rearrange them the way that kids can feel cosy and secure.  Bunk bed was a special hit with them since they could sleep together in the same room.

The other room became their kids den – a place they keep their toys and treasures, perform theatre shows and run endless construction site.

Not to mention it became limited parent access zone likewise our bedroom finally became kids free.  If only we could have thought about that earlier.

We are keen on quality materials, eye catching designs, safety and functionality of our products.  Quality has its price yet we believe in our products being appealing and affordable.  We envisage our range of products to develop overtime based on your precious feedback.  We offer friendly service and will do the utmost to assist you in choosing right furniture and furnishings for your home.

So here we are, Kids Den, a company that can help you to make the most of kids bedroom.